Nocturne is:

Bobby T. Luck
Emma Levesque-Schaefer
Prince Shakur
Twinkle Panda

“Mother, do you know / I roam alone at night?” writes poet Essex Hemphill: “In one of these thick-lipped, / wet, black nights / while I’m out walking, / I find freedom in this village.” For Hemphill, a black gay poet and activist, the night symbolized a space of queer community (“this village”) based on erotic desire and discovery. Since long before Stonewall, nighttime and nightlife have sustained forms of queer social life, whether through dance parties and communal celebrations or in more private expressions of intimacy, friendship, and family.

In their collaborative audio installation, Nocturne, Columbus-based artists Bobby T. Luck and Emma Levesque-Schaefer and writers Prince Shakur and Twinkle Panda explore the bonds of queer community through interviews with friends and mentors, asking each interviewee to describe the moment when they first felt that they were part of something larger—a moment of communal belonging, in other words.

Nocturne takes the form of an audio installation, with overhead speakers located at four points in the room. Over a two-hour period, voices pivot back and forth on each side of the room, articulating a loose dialogue punctuated by silence. 

Words by Danny Marcus

Interviewees in order of appearance

Wriply M. Bennett
LuSter Singleton
Justice Harley aka BXTCH
Twinkle Panda
Joy Lafontaine (Political Artist Flatty Patty)
Moxy Martinez
Quiqi Graves (A.S.L.PRINCESS)
Joy M. Ellison
Prince Shakur
Bobby T. Luck
Emma Levesque-Schaefer
Rev Dr. Mark Belletini
Tatum Michelle Maura
Cecil David Moore III
Jordan Riley
Renan Machado

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